6 Ways To Stretch Your Dollar During A Home Renovation

With the economic downturn in full swing, many are turning to home renovation as a money-smart means of future financial security. But staying within budget with rising home renovation costs is proving to be a challenge for many would-be renovators. 

To get you more bang for your buck, we’ve listed a few tips to stretch your dollars throughout the renovation process.

Decide on exactly what needs doing (and stick to it)

You first need to settle on the why, before you define the what, and start contacting builders to advise on the how. You’d be surprised by how many homeowners dive right into the thick of things before they’ve clearly defined what they’d like to achieve. Why are you renovating? Which rooms will be affected? Does your budget match your expectations?

By setting clear goals from the very beginning, you lessen the chances of costly delays down the line. This is not to say don’t be flexible — every renovation should allow for a little colouring outside of the lines — but, rather, give yourself the best chance by going in prepared.

Make use of free consultations

Many building companies offer free consultations to discuss your renovation needs and the likely home renovation costs. After an initial discussion, a building consultant will be happy to visit your home for a walkthrough. This brings further clarity to your ideas and what you expect from the changes and additions you envision. From there, the builders will have enough working information to advise and guide you on the best way forward.

Take a “virtual tour” to spot red flags

A “virtual tour” can give you a glimpse into the future with a visual representation of how your renovation will look once completed. We offer this at Sertorio Homes, thanks to our proprietary 3D Imagery Software. (To learn more about this process, click here.) You’ll just need to follow early consultations and walkthroughs with an initial draft of the plans, which can then be digitised into a virtual walkthrough. This allows you to flag any potential problems and make necessary changes before work even begins, avoiding costly reworks and saving you both time and money.

Choose affordable materials

We all want to be proud of our renovations, but that doesn’t mean the materials have to break the bank. You can still achieve high quality finishes with options that are priced below premium surfaces like granite or marble. Quartz, or laminated countertops, are great alternatives to granite and will still leave a great impression.

Seek out the professionals

When it comes to keeping home renovation costs in line, there’s no substitute for experience. A team of specialist builders will be able to advise and guide you throughout the process, pinpointing areas of expenditure that can be curtailed, and providing viable options to take their place.

Sertorio Homes is one such company. With four decades of experience and a team of construction specialists to match, we guarantee modern, hassle-free renovations and extensions that make your budget go further. If you’d like to reach out directly to learn more about our approach to home renovations in Perthclick here.

Because planning is everything, we’ve created a handy guide to ensure you’re as prepared as possible for a home renovation. Take a look at our Getting Real About Renovation guide to find out if you’ve got everything in place for a successful renovation. 

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