Why Prefabricated Modular Extensions Aren’t Your Best Bet For A Home Renovation

The lure of saving time and money may be why drop-in prefabricated modular pods are becoming a popular choice for home extensions. This method of building is also known as “the pod system”, “prefabricated homes” or “modular extensions”.

To save time on-site, the extensions are built in a factory and then craned into your home. They seem like a great solution when families are looking for a quicker and cheaper way to add a second storey to their homes, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Here’s why you should opt for the traditional construction route instead:

Pods cost about the same as the traditional method

While the prefabricated method claims to be cheaper, this isn’t necessarily true. Often the cost of transporting and craning the pods aren’t taken into account, which drives up the price. Damages obtained during transport and craning/drop-in installation have also been reported, which can cost you time and money. You get what you pay for, but what you get with pods is a simple “box” dropped on top of your home. With traditional construction you invest in a custom-designed, custom-built extension.

Adding a prefabricated modular extensions takes more than a day!

There’s a perception that prefab pods take one day to install. This simply isn’t true! Technically, it may only take a day to drop the pod in place, but there’s a lot of additional work to be done. The existing ground floor roof needs to be removed, stairs may need to be installed to connect the two storeys, and electricity and plumbing will need to be extended into the new space. That’s over and above the time it takes to securely join the new section to the existing building, which comes with significant risks.

Prefab pods come standard, homes don’t

Every home is built takes on a unique shape, and nothing is ever square. While no two homes are the same, pods are created as if they are! This means you can come up against issues when finally installing your new top floor, which wouldn’t happen if building on-site the traditional way. Building on-site means your extension can be installed with a level of care that safeguards the existing structure from damage, and perfectly suits the dimensions of your home.

Installing insulation is quicker and more thoroughly done in traditional construction

At Sertorio Homes, we use heavy acoustic flooring as part of our on-site building process. This means you’ll have no unnecessary noise disturbances and also don’t need to plan for and install additional insulation. You’ll also get thermal walls installed during construction, providing insulation that holds a 6-star energy efficiency rating. Generally, you’ll get all your insulation, including roof cover and walls, within 8 weeks of work starting. And, unlike with pods, because adding insulation is part of the build process — once it’s done, it’s done!

If you’re considering adding another storey to your home, get in touch with us! We’ll help you take an objective look at whether a prefab pod or on-site building would better suit your needs. Let our more than 40 years’ experience with home extensions in Perth help you realise your home extension dreams.

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