Tips to make space in a small house

Running out of space and considering a move? If so, you know this comes hand-in-hand with the challenge of maintaining your lifestyle in increasingly tough economic times.

Today moving comes with a significant opportunity cost, and a part of this includes the valuable memories you’d be leaving behind when you change houses. Why not consider these space-saving tips that ease some of the pressure, and explore alternatives that might leave you with a win-win solution?  

Consider your reasons for wanting to move

Is moving really your best option? Circumstances today are very different to how things were a generation ago, and fast-changing times often come with new and innovative solutions you may not have considered before. Begin with a thorough spring clean, clear out the clutter and invest in modular living solutions that help you maximise on the space better than before. For example, you could refresh your kitchen by trading in old single-function devices for multi-purpose appliances that offer a variety of functions in one.

Tackle your home as if you’ve just moved in

With a booming population, people have become increasingly efficient at packing good-quality living into increasingly small spaces. Take advantage of these pioneers’ discoveries and see your existing home through the fresh eyes of someone who has just moved in, perhaps from a traditionally space-cramped space like Hong Kong. Hunt out those overlooked “dead” spaces and find a suitable space hack that allows you to fit more into less.  

Extend your reach through renovating

Even if these low-risk changes leave you feeling squeezed, moving still might not be your best solution. An expert renovation job can leave you with the space you need, while adding real value to your property. Even if you’ve started off small in the past and now can afford an upgrade, renovations allow you the freedom to personalise your space more than a move to a brand new space. What better luxury than to grow your home around you? And if you’re making your home baby ready, you’d have the ideal opportunity to create a nursery that would suit your family’s unique needs best.

Understandably, tackling home extensions in Perth and other urban centres can feel like an unnecessarily overwhelming task. However, master builders like Modern Home Improvers have made it their business to provide the best service that leaves you to dream and them to do. Their 3D render technology, for instance, means you’re able to take a virtual walkthrough of your planned renovations before a single brick has been laid — and know exactly what you’re in for.

Contact Sertorio Homes for a free, no obligations quote or to learn how best to maximise your space without the burden of moving.

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