The Unsung Heroes Of Home Renovation

Renovation is the most effective way to add value to your most prized possession — your home. But what’s often overlooked is the behind-the-scenes planning and meticulous on-site work that goes into making a complex renovation run smoothly.

These are the unsung heroes who make sure that the moving parts work together to realise your home renovation dream.

The company secretary 

A construction company secretary has a wide range of responsibilities. On a daily basis, they’ll be tasked with anything from correspondence, file management, securing permits, scheduling meetings, reviewing invoices, and even assisting the accounting department. Additionally, they require an expert understanding of building processes, terminology and jargon to ensure deadlines are met throughout the home renovation. Without them orchestrating administration from behind the scenes, a lot more would fall through the cracks.

The foundation-layer

While the company secretary provides the operational support for a smooth process, this skilled team member literally lays the foundations that cement an extension or renovation in place. Once the nails, pegs and strings have been positioned and the excavation completed, the foundation-layer prepares the cement to spec and pours it into the trenches so that it adheres to blueprint measurements. If not done correctly, the new additions to your home may sink or shift over time.

The inspector

This highly observant member of the team is responsible for ensuring that all construction and renovations adhere to contract legalities. Using their knowledge of engineering conventions, you’ll also find them on-site to keep a keen eye on all construction phases, and to ensure the techniques and materials used are of the highest quality. Without an experienced construction field inspector as part of the team, your plans may never be approved, let alone realised!

The bricklayer

Bricklayers are the backbone of the construction site, wielding mortar, brick and stone to extend and renovate a wide variety of structures. They must have a working understanding of blueprints and be able to use power tools and brick-cutting machines to realign, cut or trim existing brickwork or new structures. Because they are responsible for the skeletal strength of a renovation, the importance of a skilled bricklayer should never be discounted.

The all-in-one home renovation builder

Whether they’re coordinating deliveries from the office or mixing mortar and interpreting plans, the home renovation builder is a major player. But as a home renovation is a complex affair, the biggest mistake a homeowner can make is trying to take on this responsibility themselves. To avoid a possible logistical nightmare, it’s a wise choice to go with a building company like Sertorio Homes that handles all of the project management details with a team of industry-leading experts.

With over 40 years of experience and a portfolio of award-winning projects, Sertorio Homes are the go-to construction experts for any home renovation in Perth. We invite you to build your renovation dream team by answering a few important questions on our interactive timeline. If you’d like to reach out to a member of the team, simply click here.

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