Moving horrors and how to avoid them

Halloween may be a while away, but anywhere there’s a family moving home lies a potential horror story waiting to happen. Relocating is an art, but even the best planning can’t prevent a mishap or two. If you’re seeking new horizons, these are the three most common pitfalls to look out for when moving and tips on how to avoid them.

Being taken for a ride

Some of the worst experiences are at the hands of disreputable movers. The internet is rife with stories of home contents being lost in transit, or arriving at the new location in pieces. The kicker, of course, is that the bill still tends to fall on you, the person moving, not the company you contracted to help that let you down.

Treating it like a key business deal may not save you time, but you’ll be more likely to come out winning. Research your prospective moving company thoroughly. While not guaranteed to save you heartache, it minimises the risk of being taken for a ride at an already stressful time. Read testimonials, confirm the company’s registered with the Australian Furniture Removers Association and most importantly, go over your contract with a fine-toothed comb. Keep an eye out for loopholes that may absolve them of mismanagement and insist on any quotes and estimates being written, inventory-based and given in-person. Finally, take out insurance that covers everything at replacement cost regardless of cause of damage.

Weather trouble  

Australia’s not the likeliest place to run into freak weather, but that doesn’t leave you immune to the effects of an unreliable forecast on your moving day. Whether you’re contracting movers or going at it alone, working under 40+ degree heat can melt even the most professional demeanour. You’d think that planning it for the cooler winter months solves this challenge, but then you’re as likely as not to schedule for one of those rare days in which your valuables get caught in a thunderstorm.

Aside from taking the time to check the weather forecast, there are a few extra things you can do that help things go smoothly no matter what the skies end up doing. Ensure all of your things are packed expertly — this helps prevent breakages, and keeps the time your valuables are in-transit to a bare minimum. If you’re working with professional movers, check what their weather plan is: reputable companies should know exactly how they’ll be handling weather extremes before they happen.

Misreading the map

If you’ve found trustworthy movers, your things are packed securely (with an inventory!) and you’re all set for a day of fine weather, you can look forward to settling into your new neighbourhood without a hitch. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Visiting your new home and taking a drive around the neighbourhood is hardly enough to know if you’ll be replacing your current situation for a better one.

Spend a few days close to your prospective new home by renting at a B&B or staying at a friend’s place. This way you’ll be able to do the school-run, see what the traffic is like on the way to work and discover how friendly (or noisy) your future neighbours really are.

The fact remains that moving takes its toll — even the smoothest transfers leave you exhausted and comes with surprises. If you’re looking to refresh your living space, an expert renovation is ten to one your more affordable, less-risky option. With reputable contractors like Sertorio Homes you’ll be working with registered master builders to create your dream home without the drain of relocation. With over 38 years experience, there’ll be little more for you to do than share your vision and watch it turn into reality without a hiccup.

We’d love to hear about your own experiences of moving! Share your horror story (and how you managed to avoid disaster) on our Facebook page and you could win a free appraisal that puts you in the best position to reap all of the benefits of moving without the pains — by renovating and extending instead!

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