Home Trends that Count for 2019

Transient lifestyle blogs are all well and good, but what happens when you’re looking for more than a hot take on whether muted pastels have ousted millennial pinks in the latest wall colour trend? When you’re searching for looks that last, expert craftsmen are a good port of call — they’re on the ground, after all! 

As leaders in home renovations in Perth for more than 40 years, Sertorio Homes has developed a keen eye for trends that last, and learned how to spot those that turn quicker than the ocean tide. Here’s what these house renovation veterans suggest when you’re looking to add a fresh domestic sparkle to 2019.

Moving doesn’t matter

Apart from extreme cases, like moving out of an extremely unsafe neighbourhood, you’re better off investing in refreshing your existing home. Not only will you be in the best position to create a place that’s personalised to your unique needs, but you also won’t have to walk away from your precious family memories.

Re-imagine your home as a blank canvas

It pays to dream. Take a moment to strip your home back and imagine it as the blank canvas it was when you first moved in. If you’re needing a big refresh, begin dreaming from this new, stripped-back place. You’d be hard-pressed to make even the most radical changes cost more than moving, and you’ll also find it easier to plan the design of the house as a whole, rather than the cobbled-together result of sporadic face-lifts.

Go in search of inspiration

Never mind waiting for inspiration to strike, go in search of what inspires you! Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are great for sparking ideas with exposure to heady ideals in home renovation trends and how to realise them on a practical scale. Use other people’s style suggestions to guide you to your own, and go into your next home upgrade winning!

TOP TIP: Instagram is great for examples of extreme architecture and design, while Pinterest corners the market for DIY-ers looking for practical solutions to everyday home upgrades. Toggling between the two can keep your upcoming renovation both exciting and plausible!

Try before you buy

Trends that last are ones that are loved by those that use them. There’s no point in committing to a look unless you’re certain to love it, and be able to live with it for at least a year. This goes for everything from interior decorating trends to home extensions. For the smaller things, consider how close you can get to simulating the end result with a low-cost, partial and temporary innovation. For example, painting a 1mpaint swatch in the colour that hit the trendiest lifestyle magazine allows you to see whether it works for you in your own home, before committing to a large amount of expensive paint that ends up clashing with your recently acquired trendy drapes!

Go digital

For things like structural renovations, the equivalent of your paint swatch ends up being digital render software. Sertorio Homes, for instance, uses 3D renders that walk you through any renovation plans before a single brick is laid. This makes modernising your beloved home a low-risk investment, especially when working with a family business who apply their master craftsmanship to their work, while understanding that the value of a happy home is about more than just brick and mortar.   

Breathe life into your home and begin with a free quote from Sertorio Homes. We’ll give you advice on your next home facelift backed by our more than 40 years of experience in the business, and registration with the Master Builders Association. Contact us and begin setting your own trends, today.

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