Get ready to renovate with our renovation guide

Are you renovation-ready? Before the work begins there are a few things you can do to avoid the stereotypical headaches that give renovation projects a bad name. Sertorio Homes Perth has been providing Perth with premier renovations and extensions for more than 38 years — so we’re able to help you clear the way with some handy tips. This renovation guide will have you walking into your newly renovated place without a hitch between now and when the final lick of paint has dried.

Finding your contractor

  • The key to a stress-free renovation is working with the right team of professionals. Limit your search to contractors who are a member of the Master Builders’ and Housing Industry Associations — this guarantees their work is backed with the highest levels of quality control available in the industry.  
  • Reputable contractors book up fast, so contact yours sooner rather than later. A timeous booking helps everyone plan for the smoothest transition from old to new. Even the busiest contractors should be able to arrange a site visit without a wait, though! This will provide you with a no-obligation quote based on an estimated price that takes into consideration your ideas and constraints. This is a good time to suss out whether you’ll be able to continue a longer-term working relationship with the team, so always insist on this first meeting before making your decision.

TIP: Insist on a contractor that, like Sertorio Homes, manages each detail of the project on your behalf. This should include preparing and submitting the building plans for regulatory approval. This way you’ll save yourself the headache of coordinating multiple teams while still maintaining your regular work and family commitments. Let us take care of it.

Some things to expect in the lead up to renovations

  • Your contractor will partner with you to decide on the final scope of the work, the materials that will be used and the expected timeline. Experienced companies should have no trouble giving confident estimates, with little risk of change. You’ll also decide on the best way to communicate with each other and how often you’d like to be updated. Finally, you’ll agree on a budget and your payment schedule. These details will make it into your contract, which you’ll sign shortly after this step.
  • Before any physical work begins on your existing home, you’ll be expected to sign off on a series of floor plans and drawings. Reputable contractors will then take your agreed-upon plans and obtain all relevant permissions on your behalf. Because this will be your first time seeing your ideas made real, it’s important to take the time you need to ensure you know exactly what you can expect the end result to be.

TIP: Choose a contractor who can share what your renovations will look like at the planning stage. This will save time and prevent costly mistakes. Modern Home Improvers uses state-of-the-art imaging software to give you a realistic 3D walkthrough of your new home, before work begins. See your plans in 3D.

How to manage during the renovations themselves

  • Modern Home Improvers, like any good contractor, believes in hassle-free renovations that disrupt your routine as little as possible. Speak to your contractor to agree on a work schedule that minimises the impact on your daily life. Depending on the scale of the work, you may be able to stay in residence during the whole renovation, which is especially important if you have children.  
  • You’ll have a dedicated site manager who is your main point of contact throughout the renovation process. They’ll manage the team working on-site, check in with you as agreed and take care of the Practical Completion handover once the job’s done. If any unexpected adjustments need to be made, your site manager will be your first port of call to ensure things stay on time and on budget.

TIP: Avoid nasty surprises by committing to a fixed-price contract that includes a specification describing the materials and workmanship being quoted for. This means you’ll always know exactly where you stand financially, and when you can expect the job completed. Get the best bang for your buck with an accredited renovator.

Ready? Then get in touch — we’re here to answer your questions about home renovations, and walk you through what you can expect. Get started with your renovation!

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