Build Your Home Renovation Team

We’ve been home renovators in Perth for more than 40 years. In our experience, one of the toughest things about any renovation is ensuring you have the right team to complete the project. That’s why over the years we’ve built a trusted network of registered tradesmen that deliver exactly what we need, every time. But when you’re about to tackle a DIY home renovation and need professionals, it can be difficult to know where to start. 

To help you avoid the pitfalls, we’ve put together a guide that shares who you’ll need on your project, and how you’ll know you can trust them. Here are the highlights:   

Who you’ll need

Behind any home renovation is a list of tasks you’d never expect, and behind these tasks lies a team of experts that’s larger than you might expect. Aside from you, the homeowner, you’ll also need to find:

  • A project manager and designer: These roles could be filled by one person, or by a team of two who work closely together to ensure your renovation stays on track practically and aesthetically.
  • Your build team: These are the people responsible for turning the floorplans into reality. Foremen, masons, carpenters and painters — this diverse team are all guided by the designer’s plans and managed by your project manager.
  • A list of vendors: These are the people you call to tackle the speciality parts of your project, or supply the materials you need. 

How to find them

Tackling a home renovation means you’ll be opening your home to a team of strangers every day. And as the project progresses, these strangers will change as new skills are needed. More than simply ticking a list of skills, you’ll need to vet your contractors for their trustworthiness too. When assembling your team, these key markers will help you confirm their reputation: 

  • Are they registered with their relevant overseeing bodies? Any reputable builder in Australia will be registered. 
  • Do they have contactable references and testimonials?
  • Have they got extensive experience, backed by a portfolio? Someone who’s career/company has stood the test of time is likely someone who survives because they do a good job!

How to manage them

Managing a large, changing team of people and keeping track of the project as a whole is easily a full-time job. Hiring a project manager or site supervisor can take this task off your hands, but if you’re determined to do this DIY, keep the following in mind: 

  • Budgeting properly is hard. Working with a renovations company means you’ll deal with one bill that includes the costs of all the different services you’d need. Managing the process yourself means you’ll need to keep track of a running total spread amongst bills issued by each individual contractor. 
  • Getting expert advice is still possible. If you’re running into trouble, a reputable renovations company or project manager would be happy to help with your key decisions. Working on your own as suits your taste, and learning what you need from the experts is a great way to gain the rare experience of a hands on home renovation. Of course, even if you’ve contracted a full-time project manager, your role as homeowner is still hands-on! After all, you’ll be signing off on all decisions and probably do your fair share of running around for those last-minute changes!

Underestimating the demands of a DIY job, going for the lowest contractor bid, and hiring the wrong team are common mistakes made by first time renovators. There’s no shame in making mistakes, but making one with your home renovation would be costly! We’ve put together that foolproof guide to help you build your own renovation team, right the first time. Get more insight on what jobs you need to get done and how to spot an excellent contractor to help you complete them.

If you’d like some expert help with your home renovations in Perth, get in touch! We’ll take the stress out of finding and managing your team of contractors, so you can focus on the more exciting aspects of your home’s transformation without a care in the world.

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