5 Ways A Renovation Change Helps Beat Stress

We’ve all heard a voice proclaim “Change is as good as a holiday!” at some point in our lives. Chances are, it came at a time when we really didn’t understand why we couldn’t just get the holiday! The good news is this piece of advice isn’t far wrong. Change can help us grow, shake off old habits that no longer serve us, and even relieve stress.

Here are 5 ways the exciting change of a home renovation can help beat stress in the long term.

Spark a decluttering

It’s hard to think clearly in a cluttered space, and your home can become increasingly cluttered without you even realising it. This easily feeds stress — instead of coming home to a sanctuary, your home feels like a place where you can’t get away from chaos. Committing to a renovation is a great way to promise yourself you’ll declutter too, because you’ll be packing up a few things for it anyway. Why not take the opportunity to assess what you’d like to take forward with you, and ditch the rest?

Improve and safeguard quality sleep

Including your bedroom in renovation plans makes sure you have a good night’s sleep, and reap all of its stress-reducing benefits. Even a few simple changes to airflow and lighting can be the difference between waking up rejuvenated and feeling like you’ve been up all night. An added plus would be to create a meditation nook, to encourage the habit of this proven stress-buster!

Make it easy to eat properly

Maintaining a healthy diet is an important way to give yourself a headstart on life’s daily stressors — because everything is more manageable in a healthy body. But spending your life ordering takeout is that much more understandable when you don’t have an inviting or practical kitchen. Renovating your kitchen and living space can upgrade your entire relationship with food — not only will you be preparing it in a practical space, you’ll also be able to enjoy it in your new, personalised dining area.

Makes a change without the stress of moving

Moving might seem like a simpler solution at times, but it’s far more expensive than renovating and is stressful too, without any of a renovation’s benefits. With a renovation, you get to keep the things that work for you about the home you love, and update the parts that don’t. A move tosses you into the wild unknown of a new house with undiscovered quirks, in a new neighbourhood, and costs you money, like transfer tax, that doesn’t go directly into changing your living space for the better. Renovate and get the home you love personalised to your needs.

Perform the ultimate self-care routine

Renovating your home to suit the needs of you and your loved ones is the ultimate self-care. It puts you in control of creating your perfect living circumstance. Imagine the joy of returning home after a stressful day to a place that’s personalised, clear of clutter, and welcomes you to create and enjoy a nutritious meal and follow it up with a good night’s sleep. Hmmmm, heaven!

Changing your environment around with a renovation can be a profound way to shift your daily experience from living a life you fit into, to one that fits around you. With a master builder, like Modern Home Improvers, you’ll also be sure to avoid the unnecessary stresses that come with the renovation process. Look forward to a smooth, well-managed project with the help of a team registered with the Master Builders Association and the Housing Industry Association. Contact us for a no-obligation quote for a home renovation in Perth, and begin your journey to stress-free living in a home built specifically for you.     

Still unsure about whether a renovation or move is your best option? Check out our Renovate or Move Quiz! It only takes a few minutes and helps identify what would best suit your needs.

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