5 Reasons It’s Time To Take The Renovation Plunge

Committing to a home renovation takes presence of mind. When you’re working with an expert team, you can count on the fact that it will be as stress-free as possible, but there’s no way to escape the fact that it’s a major project that will consume a large amount of your time and energy.

While your budget may suggest a smaller renovation to refresh your home, here are 5 reasons why taking the plunge and getting the bigger job done may be more worthwhile:

You’ll disrupt your home life only once

Renovations aren’t exactly inconvenience-free. Even minor renovations can disrupt your living arrangements in a way that requires changes to your schedule and habits, or even needs you to move out for a period. If stability is important to you, committing to getting all your renovations done in one go might be the smarter option. You may be out of your comfort zone for a little while longer than with a smaller renovation, but you’ll only have to deal with the noise, mess and disruption once. You’ll not be looking at multiple short bursts of disruption, that actually means you wait far longer to live in the home you dream of. 

You could build more equity

An inspired home renovation can build equity in your home and leave you with a nest egg for the future — a definite plus compared to the financial risks of moving to a new home. A renovation that’s too small in scope my end up leaving you out of pocket, without adding market value to your home. At the very least, including your living area in a kitchen remodel will near guarantee a profitable return. Kitchen remodels are known for being one upgrade with some of the best resale value, and finishing it off with a great dining and lounge area makes the social experience of family living one that’s hard to beat. You’ll see your home’s value rise to match!    

You can avoid unexpected additions to your plans

Nothing makes the heart sink faster than finding yourself in a project that’s going more smoothly than anticipated and wishing you had the courage to have taken it one step further. Home renovations are known for rarely staying in-budget. By planning for the more ambitious renovation, you may avoid blowing the budget you set on a smaller plan for an extension you just can’t resist. You’ll also safeguard against the buyers regret that comes from sticking to a smaller project that leaves your home upgrade feeling permanently incomplete. 

Sometimes it’s unavoidable

Even when you’re committed to the idea of a smaller renovation, you may find yourself unavoidably having to extend the scope of the project. If you’re living in an older, historic home you may find you can’t complete the renovation in one area without uncovering a plumbing or electrical disaster-in-waiting that affects the whole house. Planning for a more extensive upgrade from the start, can help prevent the shock of unexpected-but-necessary work that would halt even smaller renovation plans.   

You’ll be paying for expert help anyway

Even if you’re taking a DIY approach, you’ll need a pro for some areas — things like roofing, plumbing and electrical come to mind. Taking the plunge and doing the larger renovation you dreamed of, will ultimately save you time and money, as you’ll be calling them in once. The larger areas could also mean you’re eligible for bulk materials and service discounts. Plus you’ll get a consistent finish throughout your home if you do the renovations all at once, rather than in phases. 

You’ll need to know who it takes to get a renovation from floorplan to completion. Check out the quick reference guide that shares what you need to know to build a renovation team you can trust. If you’d prefer to dive into home renovation possibilities more deeply and chat to us directly, give us a call or send us an email. We’ve been doing home renovations in Perth for more than 40 years and would love to hear your plans!

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