4 Reasons Why Home Renovation 3D Imaging Works

When you’re about to invest in home renovation you’re faced with the challenge of translating your ideas into a functional, affordable reality. Modern home renovation 3D-imaging technology brings 2-D architectural plans to life, simulating what the end result will look like, before construction begins. Here are 4 reasons Sertorio Homes has led the way with 3D imaging in premier Perth home renovations, and why you should insist upon it:

You can make changes with confidence

It can be tough visualising how a technical drawing translates to a life-sized home, especially if you’re not in the construction industry yourself. 3D-imaging technology lets you be an active participant in the design process by making all angles of the renovation project visible in one go. With Sertorio Homes, for instance, we’ll walk you through a simulation of your entire home in our theatre, rather than sign-off on work one room at a time.  

The renovation project is more efficient

Seeing the end result in so much detail means you save time on ensuring everything goes according to plan once construction begins. This way, there’ll be no need to keep checking up on whether your expectations match reality, because you’d have flagged any mishaps when going through your 3D-render.  

You save time and money

A renovation company that uses 3D-imaging technology saves you time and money. Being able to give feedback on a realistic representation of your ideas means you’re paying for fewer drafts of the technical drawings that will eventually be submitted for building approval. It also eliminates the risk of costly revisions once the work has been done, because nothing is unexpected.  

Gain the freedom to be creative

Because you’re saving time and money on revisions — being guaranteed that your ideas will translate realistically before physical changes are made to your home — you get to be creative and even add on a little extra. After all, you’ll be able to change your mind with little fuss if your imagination stretches a bit too far!  

Walk through your dream renovation with 3D-imaging in the comfort of the Sertorio Homes theatre. Check out our portfolio, or contact us for a no-obligations quote and begin the transformation today.

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