2020 Home Trends That Matter

Ah, the fresh taste of the uncertain future… While there’s a healthy amount of things we could never plan for, our home’s interior and exterior finishes are not on this list. We cast an eye on trends forecast for 2020 and share why they’re worth integrating into your planned New Years’ property facelifts.

Calm, yet subtly engaging interiors

Next year’s living spaces are set to showcase clear shapes in unfussy, yet engaging interiors. We’re set to continue the trend of integrating technology into the home, with a focus on those that support sustainability. Interiors will hit the mark on being striking and fuss-free by using geometric lines. 

Spaces in which functions overlap

If you want to catch onto the latest home renovation trends but think you’re space is too small — 2020 is your year to shine! With an increasing awareness of the human footprint, we’re becoming better at designing functional small-scale living, without compromising on luxury. Think modular, versatile furniture systems, especially in the bathroom, and spaces whose functions overlap.

Bathrooms inspired by the full visual idea of the home

Bathrooms are making a comeback as a focus — they’re being reinstated as a legitimate living space, in which we perform functions worth taking time over. All of us know the pleasure of a long hot bath or shower, only now we’re all set to enjoy it in a setting characterised by simplified shapes and natural textures. Bathrooms won’t be hidden in your home’s darkest corner anymore — they’ll be integrated into the living space far more fluidly once this 2020 trend catches on. 

Nature’s touch

Continuing the trend towards sustainability and awareness of our planet, 2020 is set to bring a touch of nature into the home. Spaces filled with natural light help open up our lives to the day’s natural rhythm, and give life a seasonal flow. Biophilia — a love of nature — will have space to flourish as it becomes formally integrated into home design. This means your plans for a sunroom overflowing with plants may not be that far-fetched anymore!

Earth tones

In 2020 you’ll find yourself surrounded by Earth tones. When we think “earth” we tend to think in ranges of terracotta reds, burnt ochres and umber. While these colours have their place, this fresh understanding of Earthen tones touches on all the planet has to offer. Forest greens, ash charcoals, beiges and blondes join in to create colour palettes that are bold, uninhibited and carefree, without being overwhelming. A key trick, though, is for each colour choice to work in harmony with any geometric pattern it’s paired with.    

Most importantly, go for what you like. Trends are a great way to get the juices of inspiration flowing, but in the end you should create a home you want to live in — no matter what anyone else thinks about it! For more inspiration from real-life transformations, download our Home Renovation Lookbook. It’s a great place to start visualising what you can do in your own home with the help of the right team. 

Renovating is a money-savvy way to update your home’s look and feel without breaking the bank, but it’s important to work with someone you can trust. We’ve been in the business for more than 40 years, and have seen some trends disappear before the ink dried on their adverts, while others are still around as classics. We’d be happy to chat about your needs, and help you fix on looks that last. We’ll also come out and give you a free, no-obligation quote for your Perth home renovation. Reach out and contact us to stay on-trend!

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