About Sertorio Homes

Sertorio Homes is built on a solid foundation of hard-won experience and supported by modern technology and a team of dedicated specialists.


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We Value

  • Trust
    We pride ourselves on the quality of our relationships with clients, our team and industry peers.
  • Diligence
    Growing from humble beginnings into a market leader, we’ve mastered affordable luxury home construction and the alteration and renovation of existing properties.
  • Client-focused
    We use our skills to make your vision a reality by listening to your needs carefully before proposing solutions.
  • Our multiple awards, satisfied client testimonials and long-standing relationships with our network of tradesmen speak to how well we’ve delivered (and will continue to deliver) on our aim: to be Perth’s premier custom home builder and improvements company.

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The difference is in the details

  • Personalised attention
    Personalised attention
    Our Managing Director Bruce Sertorio is involved with every client, ensuring personalised attention and management of every project.
  • Family values
    Family values
    We know how disruptive renovations can be. As a family business, we do what it takes to make your family as comfortable as possible while building, expanding or renovating your dream home. 
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    We value and trust the team we’ve built around Sertorio Homes. This is why we’re confident enough to say: You bring the dream, and we’ll bring the expertise to make it a reality with minimum hassle.
We’re inspired by our clients’ dreams. With over 40 years’ experience, Sertorio Homes has grown into a leading home builder and renovator in Perth. Trust, quality, reliability and precision are at the heart of how we approach turning your vision into award-winning reality.