Build your dream home in City Beach

If you’re looking for an outstanding custom home builder to make your dream City Beach home a reality, choose Sertorio Homes. Since 1979, our team of specialist custom home builders and designers have utilised their expertise and advanced technology to develop homes that perfectly match your lifestyle, budget, and tastes. You can enjoy complete control over the look and feel of your new home, collaborating with our specialist team to select all elements of the design, while we handle the build process from start to finish.

Sertorio Homes is your first-choice custom home builder in City Beach, WA. Get in touch with our specialist team on (08) 9244 1993to get started on your new custom built home today.

Our home building services in City Beach

Our team of specialist builders and designers can provide a range of home building services in City Beach, including:

What sets us apart

Our slew of awards, satisfied client testimonials and long-standing relationships with our network of tradesmen speak to how well we’ve delivered on our aim — to be Perth’s premier home improvements company.

You’re always first

With Sertorio Homes, your imagination leads the way. We turn your vision into a reality that will exceed your expectations and become a home to cherish for years to come.

Quality. Always.

Sertorio Home believes in the traditional values of care and craftsmanship. We combine this ethos with modern technology to deliver only the best in custom-designed homes.


With Sertorio Homes and our team of trusted experts, you know what you’re getting. We start by offering a no-obligation consultation, and a fixed-price contract that has a 3D walkthrough of your designs thrown in. With us, you’ll see your home realised before it’s built.

Know your renovation

Renovating means trusting your contractors to treat your home with the same care you do. We share our favourite projects so you know what to look forward to with Sertorio Homes.

Renovate or move?

Wondering which option leaves you with the dream home that suits your lifestyle? Take the quiz that helps you weight up your options based on your needs.

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